I will paint to order in any medium or size you like. I paint from either sittings or photographs.

A3 Double Portrait in oils

Danielle - A3 Watercolour Portrait

"Mathilda" - Oil Portrait

22" x 36" in acrylics

"Bucking Fergie"

18" x 14"
Commissioned portrait from life in three sessions with photos for reference. The family says Rosy has captured his cheeky grin!

"Harry off to work"

 "Rugby Players"
    drawings, A4

"These four A4 drawings were made as a presentation gift for the Buzancais Rugby Team from France, who play against the Saltash Teams every two years, each town alternately hosting a 'long weekend'.  Drawing individuals on the spot, especially so many, proved a near impossibility - given the general 'high spirits' of the occasion, so I took many photographs.  The first of the series was completed in 24 hours as it was needed for the presentation. To the right the Mayor of Saltash joins in."

"The Duck is the French team's mascot, appearing in two of the pictures. In the second there are three ducks silhouetted against the sky with nets of rugby balls to bomb the Brits!"

Left, the two teams before the match.

Right, Buzancais Club President, Claude, brings on the bottles!

"The Half Quartet"
A3, watercolour, acrylic

"A talented Jazz duo who perform some of their original material.  This was commissioned by 'Bar Big Wigs' in Plymouth to mark the anniversary of their first performance.  Great fun to do!

I remember being about six and sitting at the kitchen table with my father and grandfather (who were doing ink drawing and watercolour) and being allowed to use the paintbox if I was very careful. They gave me art books from that age up and now I use their old boxes and easels."

"Finishing off"

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