"Bucking Fergie"

"Wild Dumbarton Supporter"

"Beam Me Up !"

"High Kicks from Julie and Wendy"

"Hooray Honda VTR"

"1983 Revisited"

"Health & Safety"

"Tom's 18th"

"Kevin Pieterson"

"Commemmorative Black Friday (Royal Navy withdraws rum ration)"

"Geneal host of the Arizona"

"Angela is Minnie the Mermaid"

"Jamie was Cuda's No 1"

"Hen Party"

"Tony from the Partridge, Singleton"

"Bob Fox at Hambledon Folk Club 2008"

"Music Train on the Looe Valley Line"

Cornish Guardian photo by Rosie Windsor, August 2007:
"Rosy Leach joins the jazz band to sketch them playing."

With George Melly

"Emma and Becky revisit the ballet show!"

A birthday present for Ron,
combining gardening and snooker!

Restauranteurs in Els Poblets, Spain

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