Rosy Leach is well known in jazz circles for drawing musicians as they play. She produces caricatures and cartoons for all occasions as well as portraits from photos or sittings.

Working in oils, crayon or watercolour her prices begin at as little as 30 per caricature.

For more details, contact Rosy......

by e-mail at:

Leaving present from Staff at Bicton College

Nine Points of Mick Howe

"Yes Dave , All of Them"

"Don't worry Mrs Leach ... I only amputate on Fridays"

Terry Turland

Denny Hutchinson

Barbara Thompson Trio
Oil painting
Presented to Chairman of Plymouth Jazz Club

Jim Mullen

John Bass
UKIP devotee

Marty Grosz
"I drew him when he entertained us at Teignmouth Jazz Club"

Mr Powell-Williams goes fishing


"Shall we get a room Darling!"

Duncan Swift

Eddy Edwards

'Sir' Alan Buckley

"A Series to Illustrate a Best Man's Speech!"

"Useful Stuff"

"Back to Civvies"

"Tyne, Will You Marry Me?" (Proposal by cartoon)

"Happy Birthday Chris!"

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